Luxury Vinyl Tiles

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Luxury vinyl tiles are a stylish and practical option for your floor. There is an extensive collection of finishes available, designed to mirror authentic natural wood, stone, marble, slate and metallic materials and colours.

The main benefits of both vinyl and laminate flooring are combined in luxury vinyl tiles. It is hardwearing and durable like vinyl, and gives the impression of a natural floor whilst being easy to clean and maintain. Many of the designs have a textured feel to the finish, giving a really authentic feeling and appearance.

Luxury vinyl tiles come as individual planks or tiles, which can be either on a click-together system like laminate or which can be stuck down. This gives great scope for individual, bespoke designs. Planks can be straight-laid, diagonal or herringbone designed with a choice of feature strips between if required. Tiles can be laid uniformly or in an offset, brick-style pattern and can be laid individually or joined to give the appearance of larger tiles. Borders can be formed to create an eye-catching feature, either using planks and marquetry strips or bespoke, specially-cut border and corner tiles. The possibilities are endless!!

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