At M&F Carpets we offer a great range of carpets from many of the leading manufacturers. There are many different designs and materials to choose from including: wool, synthetic and wool-mix carpets; twist-pile, loop-pile and luxurious saxony carpets; plain, heathered, striped and patterned designs and a huge range of colours and shades.
We understand that choosing the correct carpet for your home or business is an important decision. We aim to offer all of our customers experienced, professional and personal advice to help you to choose the best carpets to suit your budget and requirements. We offer a free measuring and estimating service and are happy to visit you at home or work at your convenience to help you to see how your flooring choices will look in your own surroundings.
Here is a quick guide to some of the types of carpets we sell.


SolarKeyLime SOL95 Wool carpets are hard-wearing, durable and resilient. The natural bounce within the wool fibres enables them to maintain their shape and recover better from flattening, meaning that wool carpets are able to retain their fresh appearance for longer. They offer a degree of natural stain-reistance and are flame retardent. Many of our ranges can be covered by the Wool Owners Warranty against staining, please ask in-store for further details.
Wool carpets can be bought in either a pure 100% form or mixed with other fibres, in a blend with at least 50% wool. As wool is a more expensive fibre, the most popular choice is a blend of 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibre which combines the best qualities of both.


Mystique Opulence Pewter Synthetic (or polypropylene) carpets are popular for their highly stain-resistant properties. They are durable and easy to clean, some are even bleach cleanable! Polypropylene carpets offer good value for money and, as they are usually less expensive than their wool counterparts, can be a great option to suit a lower budget. Their durability and ease of cleaning makes them popular with families and pet owners alike.

Twist-pile, Loop-pile or Saxony?

Loop Pile Carpet Orion Twist Nair

Twist-pile carpets are created from yarns which are twisted tightly together and they most commonly come in either plain colours or a 'heathered' effect, where yarns of complimentary shades are combined. Historically, they have been the most popular type of carpet and are available to suit a wide range of budget or colour requirements.

Loop-pile carpets are created by looping each yarn back into the carpet, almost like a sewing stitch. These loops can be either uniform in height, or of varied heights to create a textured effect. The yarn used in loop-pile carpets tends to be quite thick and heavy making it extremely practical and durable and providing great appearance retention.

Saxony carpets are created by lightly twisting the yarns at the base and leaving them loose on top. They are usually created using longer cut-pile tufts, giving them a super-soft, deep and luxurious feel, perfect for a bedroom!