Summer Fun - our Summertime-inspired window display

Well, who doesn't love Summertime? Warm sunshine, colourful flowers, long summer evenings ...

Some of our family's favourite Summer pastimes include picnics, family cycle rides and long walks with Rosie, our loveable labrador. So when designing our latest window display we decided to go for something a bit different, to catch the eye of our customers and passers-by and hopefully make them think of the pleasures of Summer! We also wanted it to reflect our own favourite ways to relax and unwind in the Summer months, hence the addition of the bicycle, picnic basket and our resident toy dog!!

Plaid carpets have become hugely fashionable over recent months, so we have included a sample of Ulster Carpets' quality, eye-catching Glenmoy carpet in the Royal Stewart design to act as our 'picnic blanket, set on a large piece of very realistic-looking artificial grass which we also sell instore. The flowers and fluffy clouds are made from samples of some of the supersoft luxury saxonies we have available. The addition of some colourful butterflies cut from some of our beautiful Galerie wallpapers completed the look.

Now just to make sure we make time to enjoy these Summer pastimes with our children before they are all grown up ...

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