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Help with life's everyday little mishaps!

We all know how easily spillages happen so this month's window display focus is on easily cleanable carpets.(Sorry about the awful picture, at this time of year we struggle to get a photo of the window display without a reflection regardless of what time of day or where we stand!)

Many of our synthetic carpets are now bleach-cleanable, making them perfect for family homes. However, our window display focuses on Abingdon Flooring who offer a lifetime guarantee against food and drink stains on their Stainfree ranges. They also offer ranges which are treated with Aqua Pro-Tec, giving you extra time to clean up those everyday mishaps. Aqua Pro-Tec keeps the spillage on the surface of the carpet and stops it from soaking into the fibres, giving you time to get a cloth or kitchen towel to simply blot it away! We've tried it out instore with tea, coffee, ribena ... and it really does work! Not a single one left a mark on the carpet, even after being left for several minutes! Impressive stuff! We will happily give a demonstration.

We also sell a wide range of bleach-cleanable synthetic carpets from a range of our other suppliers, all perfect for guarding against muddy footprints or pawprints and accidental slops! Please pop in and have a look or give us a call to arrange a home visit (usually within 20 miles of TA8, but we are generally happy to travel across Somerset, North Somerset, South Bristol and much of Devon), where we will come and measure up, bring a range of samples to suit your requirements and offer a free no-obligation quote.

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