A busy start to 2020!

It's the time of year for cold and dark mornings, wet and windy weather, coughs and sniffy noses, Christmas long gone and Spring still a way off ... but it's not all gloomy! It's also the time for snuggly evenings by the fire, for seeing the frost glisten in the sunshine early in the morning, for enjoying hot chocolate and eating up the Christmas chocolates and for spending quality time in our cosy, warm homes. And January is always an exciting time here in the shop too as we focus on looking forward to the year ahead!

It's been a busy old start to the year here at M&F! Christmas displays both instore and in the window have been replaced with displays for the new season. The shop has seen a bit of rearrangement to make everything a little more accessible and easy to see. A little refurbishment is planned for the next few weeks to keep the shop looking fresh and to make the experience of choosing your flooring or wallpaper from us a much more comfortable one too! It's an exciting time; watch this space to see more!

I'm looking forward to spending a little more time keeping our social media and web presence a little more up-to-date this year too (now that I'm rememering how!). So please keep checking back for news and updates; top flooring tips and trends; photos of some of our current installations; and details of new products :-)

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